Who knew ?

Published February 11, 2019 by katilynxgrace

At work today I remembered that I used to blog. Which is something I haven’t done in years. I guess over time Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat just became the daily blog for everyone to tell what they are doing. I could probably sit and write a million pages about what goes on in the daily life. I won’t do that . I just thought , “why not?” This may get some things off my mind.

I’m sure you have heard this a million times . When I was younger the days felt so long. You can remember literally being outside all day. The last few years just seem like they have just flew by. Between work and school . Between School and work. I feel like some days I don’t even have time to sleep.

I know that’s all apart of growing up. Cool , I get it. But referring to Meredith Grey ,

“The carousel never stops turning.”

New beginning.

Published June 20, 2015 by katilynxgrace

we can’t go back in time, but we can do things better. 

Tomorrow is a new day– I can change. 

Just because I don’t have friends to hang out with in person doesn’t mean I couldn’t have friends online, or support through people on here. 

I want to encourage others and myself that we can change and that there is someone out there to just like you wanting to change. 

Hello. My name is Katie and I’m here to blog about my personal life & products.  



College life

Published May 30, 2015 by katilynxgrace


I recently just finished. My second semester of college and have been really busy. I am hoping to do more reviews on products&talk about photography. I have not being doing freebies as much as I’d like but now it’s summer and hopefully I can get things going again. 🙂 

Campus VoxBox

Published May 11, 2015 by katilynxgrace

I received the Campus Voxbox from Influenster. I have been using influenster for a couple years. I have received some great products to try out complimentary for testing purposes. I would recommend this website to anyone! This site allows you to take surveys to match you with boxes. In this voxbox I received 5 FULL size products and one sample packet to test out.
I received:
Jergens Instant Sun Bronzer
St Ives blemish control scrub
Soft Lips Cube
2 Sour Punch Candies
Loreal Paris Straight Hair, Shampoo, Conditoner and a primer packet.

This box was great for getting ready for summer. I loved trying all these products. All of these products are worth purchasing, I do not have one complaint about this box:)
I hope to test out more products in the future.

Kanvas Labels

Published February 27, 2015 by katilynxgrace

I received Kanvas Labels from tomoson to review! These labels are super cute and fun to use. I labeled my makeup boxes and some glasses for my brushes. The do not peel off easy and stay on pretty good. You can use these labels for so much! I was so excited to try these, they do not have them at many stores where im at. These would be super cute to use for weddings as well for décor. I would definitely recommend these labels compared to plain and boring ones.! These help me keep being organized.!
There should be a link to purchase these beautiful labels!

Life & Food Garcinia Cambogia Supreme 80% HCA Review + Giveaway Feb.

Published February 13, 2015 by katilynxgrace

Hello Bloggers,
I want to give my review on this vitamin. I was super excited to get to try these. They are in capsule form (180 capsules). This is the maximum strength formula, it says it suppresses appetite & inhibits fat. Along with improving energy & serotonin levels.
As directed I took 2 capsules twice a day. I took them and the first day I felt terrible, I had such a horrible headache. I am not sure what the reason was why I had them. Some supplements do that me. My appetite changed, I was not hungry at all. Make sure you drink plenty of water with these capsules. Along with eating as usual. After a couple days of using this product my energy did increase. I was happy about that, I recommend these to people who want to suppress their appetite. It seemed to work very well, I have tried other supplements and this one works great compared to others.

Enter my contest:)